The ingredients of social media marketing

In order to make a perfect social media marketing pudding, you need to blend the right ingredients in the right proportions in

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There have been many studies conducted to find out the optimal time to post on Facebook for social media marketers. The best

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Are you a small business that has spent a fortune on Social media in a hope that it is going to pay

Key to attracting and retaining customers on Social Media

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Few interesting ways to use visuals in your Social Media Marketing

Having a visual component as a part of your social media marketing strategy is really important to get yourself on the right

Dos and don’ts of Social Media marketing

The success of any social media campaign depends on the actions taken by the people executing it. Whatever your strategy and goals

Social media networks are a good source of lead generation

Businesses exist for profit and they need to drive growth. The most useful metric to measure growth is Return on Investment (ROI).

How to unleash the power of social media in B2B marketing?

About two third f B2B marketers realize the importance of social media in marketing but only 7 percent of them actually use

Have you blocked your employees from social networks?

Employers tend to block their employees form social media networks on the grounds that it reduced productivity and employees lose focus. However,

Elements that mark the success of social media

The study done by Sitel done in 2012 shows that 28% of generation Y makes purchases on the basis of what their