An insight to Facebook marketing

Jul 07, 2013
Palm Beach Marketing

facebookSocial media marketing has become a fashion in the marketing industry. Brands having no presence on such platforms are considered out dated and old fashioned. A study conducted in this regard showed that brand spend most of their social media marketing dollars on Facebook than all other social media platforms.

Technorati Media’s 2013 Digital Influence Report showed that 57% of the total social media dollars are spent on Facebook marketing where you tube and twitter only receive 13% of the total share.  Another study with a population of 3000 marketers showed that there was a lot of uncertainty about Facebook marketing. 41% of the marketers surveyed said that they were uncertain about the outcomes of Facebook campaigns. 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report also found that 17 percent have directly said the site is ineffective for marketing purposes, with 32 percent finding it effective.

Due to these loop holes, other social media networks have a strong tendency of luring customers away from Facebook. Hence it becomes the need of the hour for the Facebook to better communicate the results of the marketing efforts. Metrics need to be developed and explained to effectively in order to educate marketers on how they are spending their money and how they should be measuring their results.

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