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3 Reasons to use Google+

Around two-thirds of the world’s internet population uses the Google search engine as opposed to other search engines. Most people feel Google+ is

WordPress Update 3.8 “Parker”

How has Wordpress enhanced its look to the entire admin dashboard with it’s “Parker” update? Click here to read more.

Instagram Marketing

Can Instagram jump-start new social marketing for your business? Click to read more.

Adding a custom email to your gmail

When we finish a website for a client, the next issue is often email.  We recommend our clients sign up for google

Adding a FaceBook Fan Page

Our neighbors in West Palm Beach, our family around the country and our friends around the world are all using Facebook.  Once

Palm Beach Marketing 2009 Wrap Up

It has been quite a year for WebManna.  This year I joined Andrea working full time for the company.  We added several