3 Reasons to use Google+

Jan 29, 2014

Around two-thirds of the world’s internet population uses the Google search engine as opposed to other search engines. Most people feel Google+ is an important social platform because it was developed by Google, one of the Internet’s favorite brands and one of the most influential websites when it comes to site referrals. Here are some of the top reasons for using Google+.

1. Host a Hangout:

Hangouts offer an amazing opportunity for business to engage in a highly personal way with clients and customers without getting in a car or a plane. Plus, employees in remote locations can hold team meetings to brainstorm with another from an interface that affords them immediate and easy access to share and collaborate on most of the information materials that they might need such as documents and spreadsheets.

Google+ has made it easy to do and has led to its competitor Facebook to up its game and produce an equivalent feature.
Live face to face video on the web is transforming communications as the printing press did for the written word.

2. Search Engine Friendly:

As Google controls this social platform they are using it for capturing signals for their search engines. They are also using it to capture data that will enable them to serve up more personalized data to its search users and paid Google “Adwords” customers.
The advantage to business of participating on Google+ is that you are providing content and information that will improve your search engine results (SEO or search engine optimization).
Many online stores rely on these organic search traffic results to drive free traffic because 90% of all search results happen when your website appears on the first page of Google. That is important!

Google sees Google+ as core to the future of an increasingly social web. The investment by Google of over half a billion dollars provides a hint as to how important Google sees Google+ in the future of the internet.

3. User Experience: Segment Your Audience:

Google has had the advantage of watching the development and evolution of many social networks like Facebook and Twitter before creating Google+, so it should come as no surprise that the smart people at Google incorporated the best features of these networks into Google+.

Google+ makes sharing links and content easier by being able to segment your audience. Not only that, but it’s notification system is better, there is no character limit like Twitter imposes, and you can format posts in helpful ways. Conversations and interactions in Google+ seem to be better designed, and when integrated into related products such as Google Mail and the Chrome browser, Google+ blows Facebook and Twitter out of the water.

The fact is, We choose to use those networks because they have massive market penetration – in other words, the people we want to connect with are using those networks.
This has not been the case with Google+ in the past, but this is changing. Increasingly, I am finding more of the people I am looking for on Google+ as the network grows and as people wake up to the fact that search is becoming more social.