Few interesting ways to use visuals in your Social Media Marketing

May 31, 2013
Palm Beach Marketing

social-media-marketingHaving a visual component as a part of your social media marketing strategy is really important to get yourself on the right track. It keeps your customers engaged with you and develops their interest.  Here are a few simple and interesting ways in which you can add visuals to your social media marketing:

  • Add text to your photos: A simple tag line describing the photo is very helpful in getting your message across. It also helps to create interest among the audience.
  • Create a collage: if you have several good pictures and are unable to decide which one to upload, consider making a collage instead of dropping some picture. Collages communicate a number of brand messages and offer a simple yet effective way to engage users.
  • Use photo editors: In order to give your photos a more professional and appealing look, use the photo editing software available online make quick and easy edits that strengthen a photo and create a better overall image of your business.
  • Encourage people to share photos: When you encourage people to share photos with your business, you are actually engaging them with your brand. The best way is to hold a contest in which participants have to share some photos to win.
  • Facebook covers: Facebook covers provide you ample space to communicate what your business is all about. Create attractive Facebook covers related to your business and do not be afraid to change them often as it creates interest among your audience.

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