Social media networks are a good source of lead generation

Businesses exist for profit and they need to drive growth. The most useful metric to measure growth is Return on Investment (ROI).

How to unleash the power of social media in B2B marketing?

About two third f B2B marketers realize the importance of social media in marketing but only 7 percent of them actually use

Have you blocked your employees from social networks?

Employers tend to block their employees form social media networks on the grounds that it reduced productivity and employees lose focus. However,

Elements that mark the success of social media

The study done by Sitel done in 2012 shows that 28% of generation Y makes purchases on the basis of what their

Why is it important for companies to respond to customers on social media networks?

Responding to consumers on social media can be seen as a hassle by some companies as they have to invest tie and

Ingredients of success for internet marketing

In today’s world, Internet marketing has become the most important and most widely used marketing channel. In fact it has become a

How web has changed today’s marketplace?

The internet revolution has entirely transformed the way companies used to conduct business approximately 20 years ago. Not only it has transformed

Strategies to building better links for SEO

The digital marketing world has experienced some major changes over the past two years. The change can be attributed to the release

When is the right time to use a social marketing campaign?

You might have heard about the benefits of running a social marketing campaign the most prominent of which is the ‘reach’ as

Trends shaping online marketing

A few very important trends in the online marketing arena that emerged over the past few years have almost become a norm.