Important questions that Social Media Marketers need answer of…

Jul 07, 2013
Palm Beach Marketing

Despite the increasing popularity of Social media marketing, the marketers are still wondering about how to get answers of the following important questions:

  • Which social media tactics work better? It depends on where who your audiences are and where do they like to engage the most.  If you do not know the basics, you simply cannot have the answer to this question no matter how hard you try. You also need to keep a vigilant eye on them as their preference change with time. If that is the case, move with them at the similar pace.
  • What is the best way to get engagement? You cannot engage your audience with you on social media by just boasting and self promoting yourself all the time. Instead have conversations with people and allow your personalities and your culture to shine through.
  • How to measure a return on investment on social media? This is the most difficult question to answer of all. It depends on the objectives and goals that you have set for a particular social media campaign. For example if the objective was to motivate people to visit your site, you can collect that statistics to measure the actual turn out and so on.
  • Which Social Media management tool is best? Again it depends on your particular situation and becomes obvious through trial and error. Overtime you will be able to discover the tools that suit you best.
  • How to create a social strategy? Remember that you do not create a Social strategy you only create a marketing strategy of which social strategy is a part.

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