WordPress; What’s the Big Deal St. Louis?

Sep 06, 2015

Is WordPress a REAL Website?

You’ve heard it talked about as it has become the most popular content management system for businesses

since its start in 2003. Maybe you’ve wondered why? What sets WordPress apart from the competition,

and what is it that developers and clients are saying they love about it? More importantly, should you

make the move to WordPress for your website and application needs, too?

It isn’t just for blogging anymore!

Most people know that WordPress is great for creating and managing a blog, which is most

likely the primary source of marketing for your site. WordPress also happens to be a free, completely

modifiable software that you can use to build incredible websites that go hand-in-hand with said blog.

What’s fantastic is that not only does it open up the possibilities for your developer to create a website

that will stand out from your competition, but it is also easy enough to use that you no longer have to

send minor changes to them to amend at their earliest convenience.

Open Source?

So being an open source software, with developers all over the world studying it, changing it,

and making it better, you also have an incredible community to answer questions and help you while

you’re still in the learning phase. There are thousands of widgets, plugins, and themes at your fingertips.

You don’t need your original developer to continue making changes; your new web designer can handle

that just fine. It leaves so much room for evolution due to this one minor difference, the outcomes are


Is it Expensive?

It is not an expensive investment, when you consider it is going to be represetning your business and serving your customers for year! You own it and can update it as your business grows or changes, in a fraction of the time! There is a reason that many big brands are moving to WordPress, and that so many new sites are being created daily using WordPress.

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