Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2016

Jan 02, 2016

Hello 2016

A new year means lots of new things. In the marketing world, there are going to be some new trends you’ll be seeing transform more and more. These will be the forerunners in a fast-paced marketing world where everything is a competition.

It’s More Digital Than You Think

With over 60% of Americans owning a smartphone or computer with internet, mobile and digital marketing are not separate from traditional marketing. They are all involved in marketing as a whole and using each to reach as many viewers as possible is going to be key, while of course still keeping in mind your demographic for marketing purposes. The key will be successfully dividing a marketing budget to account for all venues available in the proper proportions for your brand.

Advanced Data Analysis Tools

This is the year that business intelligence tools will become a simple godsend. Previously, marketers have used numerous tools to analyze campaign information and search through stats in order to find information about their target audience to better learn to reach them, and to create paying customers from them. Finally, we are going to see some more inclusive tools that will be able to more efficiently pick information to learn to better target our audiences.

Be Willing to Change your Plan

Use the information you gain to pinpoint your best marketing strategies and campaigns in order to generate the best profits. Contact WebManna today if you need help putting this info to work for you!