How to Make SEO Work For You

Sep 15, 2015

The driving force behind your business is your clientele. The traffic to your site is likely a pretty big priority. So naturally you want to make sure you are targeting and reaching those people who have a vested interest in whatever it is that you’re up to. Using Search Engine Optimization to craft a page that will show up on Google and get organic (non-paid) traffic is an art form to be mastered.

The Brainstorming Phase

You’ve brainstormed a list of target keywords, possibly with the help of a search engine optimization tool that doesn’t cost a thing. These services can be helpful to find keywords outside of your frame of mind and more in the head of your target audience. Now you need to figure out what to DO with those keywords you’ve come up with.

Let’s put them to work!

Pick out the keywords that are truly relevant, and that people who would BUY your product would be looking for. Using high ranking keywords is great, but not if you are attracting the right traffic, then that does not help you. You can find free search tools online that allow you to search for high ranking sites

based on keywords. If your audience is similar to those websites, or you’re selling a similar product, you can presume that you have a relevant keyword.

Now, On to Organization

You can start organizing your keywords by picking out both broad, simple keywords, that will likely have a lot of hits on them, and also longer phrases that will be more targeted to your audience.

Start arranging them in context to make sense of your topic. Quality, above quantity, will get you the results you’re looking for.

Keeping your audience and goals in mind while working on adding thick content that will keep your viewers engaged is your key to success here, and it is totally doable while utilizing SEO techniques! Contact WebManna today if you’re interested in using our skills to help get more traffic to your site!