Four Tips To Enhance Your Business This Holiday Season

Dec 17, 2013

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Four Go-To Tips For Enhancing Your Business This Holiday Season

During this holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in a myriad of festivities and not spend the essential time kickstarting your holiday marketing efforts. Fortunately, the same marketing techniques that great retailers use to endorse their services can be just as or even more successful for small business owners.

Today we’re talking about holiday marketing tips as well as creative ideas for various techniques on how to promote your business during this holiday season. We’ll give you direction on how to further advance both your online and offline marketing efforts and bring customers through your door.

1.) Website and Holiday Blogging

If your looking to renew your website, refresh it with a festive appearance to imitate the holiday season. Even minor ornamental revisions like changing the colors of text and background or uploading holiday themed pictures can make a huge impact on your sites visitors. Make sure your website content is up to date as well, with some examples being extended holiday shopping hours or advertising your latest promotions.
Seasonally themed blogs can also heighten your website traffic. The holiday season can inspire a lot of great content. For example, you could write about a favorite product/service in your store that would make a great gift. Another approach is to post content that will solve your customer’s problems. Not only will your content provide information to your website visitors, it’ll also help you promote your products or services.

2.) Holiday Email Marketing

Big retailers start their holiday email marketing as early as late September and many consumers are already suffering from email marketing fatigue. The key is to make it timely, personable, relevant, and clear.
Offer your customers “exclusive” deals or coupons. Think about what would get your customer’s attention, and create an offer they’ll respond to. One example would be to send out a newsletter rounding up the most popular gift items, and offer a “Limited Time” special on them.

3.) Social Media Holiday Ideas

Social media is a critical component to your holiday marketing campaign. Reach your customers while they’re out shopping and push a mobile strategy during the season. Most of your customers are constantly connected to their social media accounts via their smartphones.
Use your social media sites to feature a product/service of the day or week. For example, post a picture of a best selling product on your business’s Facebook page with a short description of why it would be a great gift. Look back at last year’s holiday season and at the trends for this year and promote the products that have been your biggest sellers. Be sure to have fun with social media and get your customers excited about the holiday season.

4.) Offline Marketing

It’s important not to overlook the impact of offline holiday marketing, especially for small business owners. Small business owners can connect with other local businesses and organizations that are not direct competitors to cross promote complementary products. You can also offer gift certificates for your customers who don’t know what gifts to buy.