Calendar Plugins to Rule WordPress

Aug 15, 2015

If your business revolves around scheduling appointments like so many do, you’ll understand the importance of having a calendar  on your website that works the way you need it to. WordPress offers some pretty incredible plug-ins that could make the difference between a calm and smooth workday, or a hectic, crazy one!

Booking Calendar Contact Form

Nifty for businesses such as bed and breakfasts or daycares, this plugin is versatile enough to allow clients to schedule and book time with you- based on full or half days, with different prices during off seasons or holidays, if you so choose. The plugin can be linked to a paypal account to prompt for payment after the form is sent, if you require payment in order to make a reservation. You can also use the plug-in as a simple contact form on your site.

The Events Calendar

Perfect for Schools, Entertainers, Non-profits, etc. to showcase all of their events chronologically, The Events Calendar is a fluid, all-in-one plugin to make sharing information easy. With a selection of templates for viewing, and the use of google maps to pinpoint locations, this plugin could be extremely useful in organizing your events. The plugin also features a search function and even saves common venues or organizers you use in order to speed up the process of creating events.

Appointment Booking Calendar

If you need a calendar plugin that allows clients to book through your site for specific time slots, for things like hair appointments or car service, look no further! It uses a printable list of appointments, with capacities that you set, which can be paid for through paypal after booking, and you can easily edit the confirmation email text for different types of appointments (or for appointments with different employees, perhaps!). What is different about this plugin, is being able to assign multiple users access to the calendar in order to make scheduling easier.

Fully Customizable!

With so many options, we can find you a plugin that offers everything you need your clients to see, and make it as user friendly, complex, or simple as you want! Contact us today to work on putting together the best web calendar for your business.