Best Ways to Optimize Posts for Search Engines

Dec 09, 2015

Break it Down

Having a routine for search engine optimization when you create a new website can be invaluable. Knowing and remembering the steps to take each time might be challenging or annoying, so putting them all together in one spot to reference is what we’re here for!

Use the Tools You Have

You have access to a plethora of tools that will really step up your game – Google’s Analytics and Webmaster tools, Bing’s Webmaster tools, and Google Analytics & SEO plugins for WordPress specifically. Don’t forget the clean up tools that catch errors, like Browseo and Screaming Frog. Google also has a keyword research tool we’ve talked about previously.

Keywords, Tags, and Text…

The easiest thing to do, that many overlook, is to incorporate your main page keywords into your URL – or keep it as close as possible, while still making sense, of course. Making sure that title tags are not gone overboard on is also crucial, as tags over 65 characters will be removed from results.

Call the Experts

Going to professionals is always going to be your best option. WebManna understands your needs to get the most traffic to your site in the most efficient way possible. If you contact us, we would be happy to help!