West Palm Beach: Does Your Online Marketing Campaign Deliver Results?

Oct 23, 2012

There is no doubt that when it comes to online marketing the key word is flexibility.  With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) being so critical in making it easy for your customers to locate you, this is an area where special attention needs to be paid.  Google and other search engines are always updating and fine tuning the way in which they manage the rankings.

There are a number of areas in which to focus:

  • Tweet, Post & Pin

If your facebook page is boring and you haven’t sent out a tweet in months, do not expect your potential customers to be waiting for your next interaction.  Chances are they have already moved on in search of greener pastures and alternative products.  Set aside time or hire someone to make sure your social media presence is meaningful.

  • Website Needs Work?

If your businesses website is as boring as your facebook page then you should implement an update right away.  These internet presences are vital to your online success.  Do not make the mistake of thinking they will run themselves.  Take a look at your site through the eyes of a first-time visitor and then make the changes you want to see.

  • Anyone Can Make A Video

A very easy way to make a real impact today is through the use of video.  This medium, unlike any other, offers the chance to make a real, meaningful connection with your customers. It is no longer a difficult task to embed a YouTube video on your website.  All you need is a smartphone with good video capabilities, a YouTube account and a smiling face talking about your product.

  • PPC Can Pay Off

While attention needs to be focused on “organic SEO” a pay-per-click campaign can help you create a database of customers that specifically came looking for you.  If a jump-start is needed in your online marketing campaign, this may be the way to do it.

  • Fresh & Relevant Content

It still remains the single best way to attract the attention of the search engines.  Writing articles of importance to your customers will almost guarantee a return visit for more.  Industry-specific articles or blog posts could result in many new, potential customers.

If you still have questions about how best to implement and manage your online marketing strategy and are looking for a local West Palm Beach online marketing team, WebManna could be exactly what you have been seeking.  Contact us and let’s get started on building your storefront on the internet today.