Shameless Self Promotion of Audits

Jul 02, 2009


If you want to win online you need to know 1 very important thing.  … The score.
In marketing, the score is a comprehensive review of your current campaigns.
What works, what doesn’t work,  – what is your competition doing, and what to do next.

Web and Marketing Audits

Most businesses don’t have time to keep their own score, they are too busy playing the game. That’s why they partner with WebManna.    We offer comprehensive marketing audits.  Audit used be a scary word, now an audit means you get the details you need to win. Webmanna offers full audits and ala carte audits for specific marketing channels.

It’s what you don’t know that can make all the difference.  Now you can win with WebManna.

AND ,- winning isn’t everything, looking good,  is important too.  Your business, online and in print, needs to look credible, needs to be memorable, and every once in a while, needs a good face lift.  The Webmanna graphic design team can make your business look like a million bucks for just a few dollars.

Vanity isn’t all bad. Spice up your image and proudly show it off.

Need a design facelift or a marketing audit?  You can Call 877 Ask WebManna or shoot us an email for a makeover that makes a difference in your bottom line.