Search and Replace in WordPress

Jan 27, 2010

While there may be some very cool code related means of searching and replacing text in wordpress, I am not a programmer and I am not that patient.  And MySQL is not where I like to play. A site we are working on changed their company name mid build.  This is a local Palm Beach Florida business that is part of a national franchise. With over 100 uses of their name on two different sites I was not thrilled about the editing required.  Since the wordpress community has been around a while and dealt with just about every issue possible when it comes to working with wordpress issues, I figured there was a good chance I could find a plugin for that.

I went to the admin panel-> Plugins->Add New and searched “text replace”.  After a scan of the first page I saw a couple possibilities.  I click on install to check compatibility and see what other functionality notes I can find.  I prefer a plugin that is up to date with the current wordpress version and is recently updated.  None of the available plugins met this criteria.  Sometimes a lower functioning skill like find and replace, something that should be pretty compatible no matter what the version, will have a chance at still working.  I backed up the site before activating any new plugins. Better safe that sorry right?  The first two were a bust but the third plugin worked like a charm.  “Search & Replace” was very simple to use and when I was done I removed it from the site.  Easy, fast effective and a plugin I would recommend for the average user who runs into a need to search and replace text on anywhere on their wordpress site.