Less Annoying Email

Dec 09, 2009

The least annoying and most awesome email solution in the planet is gmail!   It is simple to use and set up and as hearty and robust as my german grandmother’s cooking. There is even a business email solutions version .

Many business owners come to us frustrated with their current email solution or tired of using generic email and want a professional email address.  Gmail makes that easier than any other email solution I know.  And the functionality of gmail is outstanding.  When you set up a gmail account you get access to all the other google tools like calendars. documents, spreadsheets and so much more that exploring it all would take weeks.

You should check out gmail for your own email solution, integrate it with gcalendar and docs and access it anywhere anytime from an internet connection.  We have dozens of email accounts all funneling into our gmail accounts and we can respond with unique email addresses.  So let’s say you have comcast email and a domain email as well.  When you set up gmail you can get the comcast and doamin based email in yoru gmail account and then reply with the comcast or domain email address from your gmail account.  Boo Yah. Yah I said it.

There is also built in chat and a ton of useful addons, plugins and apps.  Combine gmail with firefox and you get a strong functional user interface for your web life.   Call, email or stop by to learn more about setting up or using gmail for business or personal needs.