Google Branding

Feb 28, 2009

Check out this article on Google emphasis on Branding.  I think the search giant means well, the problem is, it’s becoming them against the world.  Or more so, the world against them.  When the search company first got our attention, it was a fresh and relevent new way of searching.  t wasn’t long before Google made it all about money, and for better or worse.  Google is not that same fresh search option it once was.  Every web master is looking to gam ethe system, be it thru effective Search Engine Optimization or thru less then reputable techniques.

I suggest this is more than even the mighty Google can manage.  So take any and every google strategy and discussion witha  grain of salt.  It’s just a big mess and the best way to build a brand remains tv advertising followed by oustanding viral web marketing.  The rest is less than scientific.