Blogging that Works

May 11, 2010

It’s no secret to our clients that we are huge advocates of blogging.  That’s why we focus on wordpress for our clients. You get a website and a blog and you have control over all the content.  Not all of our clients love blogging. We totally understand that for some people it is too much work and no fun generating content.   Whether you love it or not, blogging is a powerful tool for growing your business on the web.  Here are a few blog posting tips that could improve your effectiveness and help blow up your business on the web.

Write about what you know and love. (

Use an authentic voice. (Be Yourself)

Research related forums and blogs for hot topics.

Use a custom blogging platform not a generic one.

Create google alerts on keywords related to your business services to help with topics.

Use the AllinOneSEO Plugin

Use interesting headlines and great content when creating your post.

Oh and did I mention Google loves WordPress?

Matt Cutts the Google Guy Speaks!