Title Tags And Fresh Meat

Jun 16, 2009

The words in the title tag appear in the link that pops up in the search result. This is where you give the search engines and visitors an idea of who you are and why they should bother with you. Short and Sweet and Keyword Clarity. Each page should have a title tag that represents the core message of that page.

It’s so simple and so important that I will say it again, use but do not abuse your tags people. A lot of good would occur in the world if everyone walked around with tags describing their purpose.


Fresh Meat Means Frequently Updated Content

Look, in my opinion, if you don’t have the decency to put up great content you shouldn’t build a site. If that makes me a web snob than so be it. Now some people do make money with craptent sites, but I want nothing to do with them and sooner or later neither do the search engines. People want to read relevant interesting words and creepily enough so do search engine spiders. (I wish we called them butterflies instead of spiders…)

Keep writing, keep growing, keep adding and amazing things will happen to you and your website. I guarantee it.