Promoting an Event

Apr 29, 2008

How tp promote an event, let me count the ways. No really, I’m going to count a bunch of ways until I get bored.

  1. Postcard
  2. Invitation
  3. Letter
  4. Face to Face
  5. Viral campaign
  6. email
  7. groups discussion
  8. newspaper
  9. web and print classifieds
  10. announcements in public events
  11. tv and radio spots

Ok that’s enough.  Which of the above you use depends on what you are promoting and to whom are you promoting it.  Of course your budget will dictate some of your options as well.  So you have something to promote and you know the methods or channels of promotion, now what?

Quality advertising collateral.  Attention getting, credible, relevant and quality.   Nothing says forgettable or wastes money like dull creative.  Managing your budget to obtain high quality advertising materials is how you mak ethe bigs bucks.  Providing the effective advertising campaign…thats what we do.