Why is it important for companies to respond to customers on social media networks?

Mar 30, 2013
Palm Beach Marketing

Social-Media-MarketingResponding to consumers on social media can be seen as a hassle by some companies as they have to invest tie and other resources on the other hand others consider it as a source of competitive advantage. Some companies even go an extra mile and respond to their customer complaints on the social media forums. A company’s presence on social media forums can be judged on the basis of two factors; first is how efficient a company is in responding to a consumer status updates. If a company takes too long to respond, the consumer gets an indication that the company does not care. The second important factor is the helpfulness of the response. If the company’s response is nt helpful, it makes the customer unhappy.

According to the research, consumers have a better and positive impression of the brands that respond to them and solve their problems. In order to create and maintain good relations with customers on social media, you need to have real people working behind the scene and responding to their queries. There should be corporate guidelines that show the most common complaints and the best responses to help get customer support fast. Besides all this, the company needs to monitor the responses of customers on all the times of the day.

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