Elements that mark the success of social media

Apr 30, 2013
Palm Beach Marketing

Thumb Up SignThe study done by Sitel done in 2012 shows that 28% of generation Y makes purchases on the basis of what their friends like on social media. Social media is the best platform to initiate conversation and discussion between customers and the company.  This is where the company people can make efforts to convert this conversation into sales. Here are a few important and essential elements that mark the success of social media:

Attracting and retaining customers

Do not just maintain a mediocre presence actively promote your products and services to the core audience in order to keep them coming back. Create posts in order to illicit response from the customers.

Better engagement

When your customers start to engage with you, you have to take care not to turn them back. Respond to each and every post and comment by the customer whether good or bad. This helps in developing a relationship of trust between the company and the customers and keeps them coming back.

Human element

Once the customers start trusting you and engage with you, it is time to get them visit your store or contact you via phone for further details and purchase. Human contact has a much larger impact on converting us into hard sales than just browsing online. Whatever your product is, communicate with your customers on what they’re looking for, then tell them to stop by the shop, or give you a ring. It’s important that everyone on your team is an expert in what you’re selling.

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