4 Seas International Shipping

Dec 06, 2009

Check out the 4-seas.com shipping site.  One of the benefits of being a marketing and design firm is meeting a variety of businesses.  4-seas was WebManna’s first international shipping client.

An attractive site with custom images and functionality, 4-seas staff was great to work with in that they knew what they wanted for a website design and their response time was very fast. 

 From a marketing standpoint we suggest adding some CTA banners to each page.  As a site visitor, I can quickly get to a page about transporting my car which is important. But once I am there, I want a big sign telling me what to do or where to go next or I might get frustrated searching. Ideally there is a CTA and/or easy access to phone numbers, web forms, or whatever the best mode of contact is for service requests. Hopefully by the time you read this we will have Call to Action banners on the pages.

4 seas